We’re not another agency—or consultants.

We’re two very experienced health marketers with the lean, mean (nice) strategic and creative chops to get you into market fast with the least amount of burn. With over 30 years combined experience in med device, consumer health, digital health and way more, we’ve seen it all, are fluent in the nuances of this industry, and are eager to think beyond traditional (tired) marketing approaches. We know the game. We can help you win it.

How we help

We combine super-smart strategy with breakthrough creative to build brands, launch products, promote clinical enrollment, and entice acquirers. Our approach isn’t formulaic and our process is uncomplicated. We learn about your goals and objectives, build strategies to get you there and create the assets to make it happen.

What we know

We’ve lived health and medical (hello FDA) for our whole careers. We substantiate our claims, keep our stories on-label, cite our sources and never overlook the economic buyer. We consider all of your audiences—clinician, consumer, administrator, etc.—and facilitate conversations between them to get results.

Why it matters

Your products all “save and improve lives” and “the patient is at the core of everything we do”. Join the club. We help brands in this niche sidestep the BS and catch-phrases and start making a difference, without impacting your credibility. Stronger positioning. More relevant creative. Bigger impact.

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Cassie Benowitz


After spending four years sporting safety goggles in the biology and chem labs of Indiana University, I made a late-in-the-game decision not to pursue medical school. With my biology degree in-hand, I was determined to not let all of those 8am (gasp!) Friday morning (gasp, gasp!) lectures go to waste and set out to find a job in the sciences that would also satisfy my need for real, human interaction. While searching and interviewing (in all the wrong places), a job in medical marketing accidentally found me, and I quickly fell in love with the perfect blend of science and creativity. After nearly 14 years with one of the top medical agencies, where I worked on everything from LVADs to breast pumps to novel cancer therapies, I’m striking off with Phil to bring our experience and passion to helping health and medical start-ups and early stage companies find their story and bring it to life.

Reach me at cassie@2healthmktg.com or 612-865-8454.

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Phil Hoch


I spent my childhood drawing anything and everything. That creativity got channeled into graphic design and illustration for companies and magazines around the country. The longer I am in my career, the need to be more connected to the work, the clients and the audiences increases. Whether it’s helping a digital health start-up channel their voice to help them break away from the pack, or bringing a shot of humanity to an established device company’s content, it’s always about unearthing what’s going on in your audiences’ minds and finding real ways to connect with them. I’ve joyously done this for the past 18 years and feel like I’m just getting started. My leadership at one of the top health agencies has earned the title Agency of the Year, but it really comes down to working with passionate people who are ready and eager to share their story with the world. Let’s do this!

Reach me at phil@2healthmktg.com or 612-232-1901.

Working globally from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

If you’d like to see case studies or discuss a project, please get in touch. We’d love to meet you.

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